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Published: 20th September 2011
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Karen Millen is a women's designer who created a clothing brand, that specializes in custom tailoring, jackets and coats and ladies casual and formal eveningwear. Now Karen Millen stores and boutiques are found throughout the Europe with UK and Ireland. Karen Millen USA has many boutiques across the country.

The History of the Karen Millen Brand

Karen Millen with her partner Kevin Stanford founded the company in England which is now 20 years old. With only £100, that was borrowed, the two partners began manufacturing and selling white shirts to their friends from the white cotton material they bought with the borrowed money. Their network of friends created a strong client base so that they could progress fast and the first Karen Millen store opened in Kent in the year 1983 followed quickly by stores all over England.

The Karen Millen label made good progress in the 1990s when they opened stores and boutiques in America and Europe. Karen Millen USA is still growing at a fast pace much to the chagrin of the competitors. Although Karen Millen or Kevin Stanford, no longer own the company, the innovative outlook and an eye for detail is still meticulously maintained.

The Karen Miller label has woman as the central theme around which all products revolve. The Karen Millen Coat and Jacket is worn by celebrities and high society women in UK, USA and many European countries. Karen Millen Eveningwear is a fabulous union of contemporary styling, fastidious tailoring, fine embellishments such as laces, trimmings, embroidery etc.

Karen Millen Jacket

The Karen Millen Jacket is very special for its exquisite design, contemporary styling and embellishments and excellent workmanship. In fact you can even have a Karen Millen Jacket that is custom tailored to perfection. Although in keeping with the current trends and fashion, the Karen Millen Jacket never gets outdated or looks old-fashioned. The fresh modern look is somehow maintained even after years.

Karen Millen Coat

The Karen Millen Coat is one of the best selling items in the Karen Millen repertoire. Made of the finest coat fabrics the Karen Millen Coat is stylish and comfortable at the same time making the woman who wears it feel very special. Karen Millen Coat can also be custom tailored for you. Karen Millen USA has a fantastic sale of Karen Millen coats 2011 season. Recently the Karen Millen sale drew a lot of celebrity women to shop for Karen Millen Coats 2011 Autumn collection.

Karen Millen brand is also available online on the company website.

For more information about Karen Millen dresses, please visit www.thechiccode.com

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